The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan has been completely redesigned with your family in mind. The Tiguan has always been a favorite among small SUV owners, but this time VW created a car that meets the needs of the typical American family. There is a lot to like about the new Tiguan —an optional third row, new 2.0t engine, available all-wheel drive and a bold new look. But for drivers here in Colorado Springs, we think there are five other things you will absolutely love about the new Tiguan.

  1. The new Tiguan has rugged bumpers and door sills, built to stand up to the harsh driving conditions you often encounter here in Colorado. Dirt, sand and snow are no problem for the Tiguan with its 4Motion all-wheel drive, but the Tiguan will also stay looking new and clean. With its rugged finish around the wheels, doors and bumpers, the Tiguan will resist scratches and deflect dirt. Not just for looks — though they do look great — these design features are functional.
  2. The new Tiguan is 10.6 inches longer than previous generations. The extra length is noticeable in every aspect of the car. If you live in Colorado, you know how valuable this extra space is for all the outdoor activities we want to do in the mountains. There is more space in the back for the dog, kids, kid’s friends, camping equipment or whatever you’ll be needing for your next weekend adventure. In addition to extra room for stuff, the new Tiguan has a greater road presence and improved road feel thanks to its bigger size. The Tiguan has grown up a little and we love it!
  3. The new Tiguan has a panoramic sunroof, perfect for Colorado driving. While it’s not a new feature, it is still one of our favorite things about the new Tiguan. Driving along mountain roads or Garden of the Gods with the roof rolled all the way back is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of Colorado. You’ll easily forget you are in an SUV because the panoramic sunroof lets in so much sunlight and fresh air. New LED ambient lighting around the sunroof adds a luxurious feel that you would expect from more expensive brands like Audi and BMW.
  4. The new Tiguan has enhanced technology and safety features, possibly the best improvement from the previous generation of Tiguans. With rear cross traffic alerts, automatic braking and blind spot monitoring, you are much less likely to end up in the body shop with your new Tiguan. These safety features are hardly noticeable until you need them. You’ll still be in control of the Tiguan and feel connected to the road at all times, but the vehicle will be working in the background to keep you safe.
  5. The new Tiguan comes with the People First Warranty. With this transferable warranty that covers 72k miles or 6 years, there is a lot to love about the new Tiguan. The People First Warranty is so comprehensive you won’t worry about your new Tiguan. It’s one of the best warranties, not only among SUVs, but among car manufacturers in general

Come on by Bob Penkhus Volkswagen today and test drive a new 2019 Tiguan. You’ll create your own list of things you love about the new Tiguan. This SUV won’t disappoint, and we’re excited to have the best selection and best prices in Colorado.
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