Want to go electric? Volkswagen has accelerated its future electric car plan with cars like the PHEV e-up! and E-Golf—now aiming to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025. And going electric isn’t the only way to save on your monthly fuel budget—here are a few of our favorite ways on how to get better gas mileage!


Best way to save on gas? Get a PHEV. 

PHEV cars (Plug-Hybrid Electric Vehicle) are vehicles with a hybrid drive (or two drivetrains) including an electric motor and combustion engine. A PHEV offers an increase in battery capacity and gives the ability to cover longer distances without local emissions and short distances in full-electric mode. With everything VW is doing with Volkswagen electric cars, making the all-electric switch will be easier than you think. Plus—by purchasing a PHEV, you’re not only helping the environment—you’ll be saving an average of $632 on fuel per year! 


The Volkswagen PHEV e-up! 

The Volkswagen PHEV e-up! is VW’s smallest EV, perfect for urban driving with room for four, and up to 161 miles on a full charge. Refined with VW quality and a solid design, the VW e-up! is offering more for less with a much higher-capacity battery with a much lower price tag and zero-emissions. Setting benchmarks for performance, comfort, and design—this surprisingly powerful and sustainable vehicle is an efficient, fuel-saving choice! 


The Volkswagen PHEV e-Golf 

The fully-electric VW e-Golf brings all the benefits of an electric vehicle to the already fun-to-drive, practical, award-winning Volkswagen Golf. Named “Best Hatchback of 2019 by Digital Trends,” the VW e-Golf is one of the best PHEV cars and has a great foundation to stand on with 46 years of perfecting the model since the iconic Volkswagen hatchback debuted in the United States. With ample cabin space for four, standard DC fast-charging, and 134 horsepower from the electric motor—the VW e-Golf now comes with an advanced Driver Assistance package and safety features too. 


Other Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage (without purchasing an electric vehicle) 

Not ready to go electric? That’s okay. There are other ways to save on fuel that doesn’t require purchasing a PHEV. 

  • Get Rid of the Extra Weight: You can increase your gas mileage by simply reducing the extra weight in your vehicle by throwing away trash and removing excess clutter in the trunk or cabin. Less weight, less mileage! 
  • Get Regular Routine Auto Check-Ups: Getting routine auto check-ups and replacing air filters and spark plugs can also help with gas mileage by helping your car engine burn gas more efficiently.
  • Air-Up Your Tires: Ensuring that your tires are inflated to the pressure indicated in your owner’s manual will give you the best gas mileage and traction possible in your vehicle.
  • Reduce Your Speed: Driving over the speed limit might get you somewhere slightly faster—but it definitely drains your gas. Drive at the speed limit or below to save since gas burns less efficiently at speeds of 60 miles per hour or higher. 
  • Set Your Cruise Control: If you are driving on the highway, set your Cruise Control to maintain a gas-efficient speed and to reduce the excessive need to accelerate and brake. 

If you have more questions about how to increase your fuel economy, how to save on gas, or purchasing an electric vehicle—our team is here and happy to help. Stop into our VW Bob Penkhus showroom today (virtually or in-person) or contact us to schedule an at-home test drive


- Your friends at Bob Penkhus Volkswagen

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